Texas-German Autohaus, L.P.

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"Top Performance is The Only Option"

Hans Richter combines the mechanical skills of a thoroughly trained technician with the abilities of an effective administrator.

Hans was trained in auto mechanics and management in Germany through the Auto Mechanic Academy and the Opel, General Motors and Mercedes-Benz organizations. His experience includes serving as a Master Mechanic for dealerships in Germany and Switzerland, Supervisor of Maintenance for Maier Transportation Company and 15 years as a Technical Manager for a Mercedes-Benz dealership in Germany. Hans has served as a volunteer for the AGEH (German Peace Corps) for four years in Upper Volta, West Africa.

As a licensed pilot, flight instructor and glider pilot, he firmly believes that machinery in motion is unforgiving of both poor maintenance and bad decisions. For over 40 years he has applied that skill, ability and understanding to the care and maintenance of Mercedes, BMW, Porsche, and Audi automobiles. 

As president of Texas-German Autohaus, L.P., Hans is committed to the highest technical and ethical standards. He sees his relationships with his customers as an advisor as well as a provider of meticulous care. Anyone with a question or concern about automobile operation or performance will find Hans a willing listener and an excellent problem solver.

TGA Service Manager

“You’re more than a customer . . . you’re my friend.”

matt largeMatt Burrage finds the greatest job satisfaction in giving his customers full value for each dollar spent. To achieve this he believes good service goes beyond just the problems the customer has identified. It includes determining the “state of the vehicle”. Evaluating every aspect of the vehicle’s performance helps the customer make informed decisions about preventive maintenance and avoid the risk and inconvenience of emergency breakdowns. Matt says, “Most vehicle deterioration is gradual and may not be noticed by the owner.” This is why a full inspection at each service is important. “We tell the owner about the things to watch out for and suggest what and when for future attention.” Every question from a customer is a good question. “Call me and ask me anything, however minor. We really care about your car and the owner.”

Matt has been caring for customers and their cars for over a decade. Combining over 160 hours of training with hands-on experience prepared him to understand your car and communicate with you. As with all the service advisors at TGA, Matt worked as a technician on his career path. Using his training and experience in working directly with the customer, Matt’s goal is excellent service every time.

TGA Shop Foreman

“Anything less than 100% is a compromise.”

Michael G TGA Shop ForemanMichael has a German Automotive Master Degree from HWK Leipzig Germany. Born in Leipzig, the German Sister City of Houston TX, from an early age on he was fascinated with everything on wheels. The faster the better!

As a teenager, with the help of his Dad, an Auto Mechanic himself, he started to push the limits and never had a motorcycle or car which did not get his special “Never Enough Power” treatments. That is still true today. His small toy, an entirely computer controlled turbo charged BMW 135i has well over 500 Horsepower, and it is, according to Michael, not enough!

His wealth of knowledge in modern car technology and electronics has made him an often consulted expert in this field.  There is no challenge or car problem Michael will not take on.



TGA Performance Engine Tech Specialist

“I’m the next generation....”

Christian Schmid - High Performance Engine Tech Specialist at TGA

Christian joined us in February of 2018. He holds a German Automotive Master Engineering degree, and many additional diplomas.  He specializes in diagnosing, tweaking, remapping and overwriting high performance software systems. He just finished his first 600hp High-Performance-Built engine here in our shop!

Christian's hands-on experience and love for his profession are the result of a livelong exposure from growing up in his parents Autohaus in Germany. He left his self-built race car behind in Germany to join our team and help TGA improve our skill levels in order to master the future of German cars. 

His transition to be a proud Texan is in full swing!  He was greeted with a Stetson upon arrival at the airport and attended his first visit to the Houston rodeo.  Christian is a tough Sportsman too. He is always making the podium on biathlon and triathlon competitions.  

Christian is the perfect addition to our highly qualified TGA team.

TGA Parts Manager

“Make sure the parts are there when needed.”

dower largeJoe Dower’s work is not visible to most customers, but it’s a critical part of making sure your car is ready when promised. Joe says, “I get the most satisfaction from my job when the shop has a good flow, when the parts are there before the technician needs them.” To achieve this requires good planning, a constant monitoring of parts utilization, and specific knowledge about parts for the German cars serviced at TGA.

Joe’s first involvement with cars began like many young men of his generation. At 15 years of age, he and his Dad brought home a 1929 Model A Ford chassis and frame and about 20 cardboard boxes of parts. When finished it was the beginning of a career in the auto industry. His college training and over 30 years of experience at Mercedes and TGA have qualified him as one of the most knowledgeable parts managers in the business. Next time you pick up your car when promised, you can give a nod to Joe for helping to keep a good “work flow”.

TGA Office Manager

"I'm the first person most customers meet at TGA"

deborah largeDeborah DeLeon takes pride in the fact that when you call or come to TGA she is most likely the first person you meet and the last person you see when you pick up your car. "I try to recognize customers by their voice and know their names," she says. She believes it is a critical part of making each customer feel they are important at TGA.

With over 20 years experience in office management and bookkeeping, Deborah works to make sure your TGA experience is pleasant and professional. When you leave TGA happy with your car and the service received, she knows she has helped to make that happen.