Texas-German Autohaus, L.P.

TGA Service Manager

“I love to talk to people and build the trust they deserve!”

Clint Anders - TGA Houston, TXClint Anders's first introduction to cars was a 1964 VW Super Beetle that he put together himself.  His parents brought home the chassis, motor block and other parts in separate boxes, and told him that if he could put it together and make it run then he could have it.  He was 15 years old at the time.  

After about a month of work, Clint had everything assembled and the car was running like a top! He was in LOVE and forever hooked on cars.  In fact his 21 year career has revolved solely around the automotive industry. 

Before joining TGA, Clint worked at Mercedes Benz of Greenway and in his time there, became Master Certified for Mercedes vehicles. 

Clint places great importance on FAMILY.  "My wife and kids are the things that keep me going everyday."

He is using his vast experience, loyalty, and committment to build a solid family of customers at TGA.