Bad Brake Situations - Texas German Autohaus, Houston, TX


Brakes wear because they convert dynamic energy into heat which has to be radiated off into the cooling air.

Pads wear down together with the rotors because of the enormous friction and the resulting heat generated.

 Driving habits and car dynamics determine the amount of wear and the longevity of the parts involved which varies from driver to driver. Todays cars have electronic wear indicators letting the driver know when it’s time to change parts; however, corrosion, overheating, brake rotor wrap, stress fractures, glazing, or binding calipers are all missed by the wear sensor.


Prepping new Brake Pads - Texas German Autohaus - Houston, TXIt makes sense to have a look at the brake system twice a year as a precaution.  Remember, at Texas German Autohaus, brake testing is always FREE!


Often a costly problem can be avoided when caught in time.


Brake Fluid Check at Texas German Autohaus - Houston, TexasBrake Fluid Flush

The brake fluid flush is one of the most frequently forgotten car maintenance service. What can happen? Even though brake fluid dwells in a sealed system it is hygroscopic, will absorb moisture over time, and that can lead to corrosion in the brake system.


Moisture also lowers the boiling temperature of brake fluid, and that can reduce braking effectiveness in repeated hard stops. Most manufacturers recommend a brake fluid flush every two years.


We measure moisture content, and if needed, remove and clean the fluid tank and professionally flush your system.