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Get a Coolant Flush at Texas German Autohaus - Houston, TXCorrosion takes place inside your engine when the cooling system is not flushed regularly. We use high quality original equipment coolant based on manufacturing type.


Coolant Flush from TGA - Houston, TXLook at the pictures, please inquire during your next visit if the cooling system has been flushed within the last three years. Corroded head gaskets and other parts will start leaking and on todays high tech engines the repairs will be costly.


A coolant flush will:

  • Remove corrosion and deposits from your cooling system
  • New antifreeze has corrosion inhibitors
  • Old antifreeze is removed, system is flushed, and replenished with new. This will help the engine run at the proper operating temperature and prevent freezing.
  • This is what happens when you don't flush the coolant - TGA - Houston, TXThe boiling point is raised with new coolant and can prevent overheating.


An overall inspection of the cooling system helps to find weak points to preventeventual breakdowns. Please call us if you are not sure when your 

cooling system had been serviced. 

We have repair history performed on 

Change your Coolant! - Texas German Autohaus - Houston, TX

your vehicle at TGA in our database.

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