"Top Performance is The Only Option"

Hans Richter combines the mechanical skills of a thoroughly trained technician with the abilities of an effective administrator.

Hans was trained in auto mechanics and management in Germany through the Auto Mechanic Academy and the Opel, General Motors and Mercedes-Benz organizations. His experience includes serving as a Master Mechanic for dealerships in Germany and Switzerland, Supervisor of Maintenance for Maier Transportation Company and 15 years as a Technical Manager for a Mercedes-Benz dealership in Germany. Hans has served as a volunteer for the AGEH (German Peace Corps) for four years in Upper Volta, West Africa.

As a licensed pilot, flight instructor and glider pilot, he firmly believes that machinery in motion is unforgiving of both poor maintenance and bad decisions. For over 40 years he has applied that skill, ability and understanding to the care and maintenance of Mercedes, BMW, Porsche, and Audi automobiles.

As president of Texas-German Autohaus, L.P., Hans is committed to the highest technical and ethical standards. He sees his relationships with his customers as an advisor as well as a provider of meticulous care. Anyone with a question or concern about automobile operation or performance will find Hans a willing listener and an excellent problem solver.