“Make sure the parts are there when needed.”

Joe Dower’s work is not visible to most customers, but it’s a critical part of making sure your car is ready when promised. Joe says, “I get the most satisfaction from my job when the shop has a good flow, when the parts are there before the technician needs them.” To achieve this requires good planning, a constant monitoring of parts utilization, and specific knowledge about parts for the German cars serviced at TGA.

Joe’s first involvement with cars began like many young men of his generation. At 15 years of age, he and his Dad brought home a 1929 Model A Ford chassis and frame and about 20 cardboard boxes of parts. When finished it was the beginning of a career in the auto industry. His college training and over 30 years of experience at Mercedes and TGA have qualified him as one of the most knowledgeable parts managers in the business. Next time you pick up your car when promised, you can give a nod to Joe for helping to keep a good “work flow”.