“You’re more than a customer . . . you’re my friend.”

Matt Burrage finds the greatest job satisfaction in giving his customers full value for each dollar spent. To achieve this he believes good service goes beyond just the problems the customer has identified. It includes determining the “state of the vehicle”. Evaluating every aspect of the vehicle’s performance helps the customer make informed decisions about preventive maintenance and avoid the risk and inconvenience of emergency breakdowns. Matt says, “Most vehicle deterioration is gradual and may not be noticed by the owner.” This is why a full inspection at each service is important. “We tell the owner about the things to watch out for and suggest what and when for future attention.” Every question from a customer is a good question. “Call me and ask me anything, however minor. We really care about your car and the owner.”

Matt has been caring for customers and their cars for over a decade. Combining over 160 hours of training with hands-on experience prepared him to understand your car and communicate with you. As with all the service advisors at TGA, Matt worked as a technician on his career path. Using his training and experience in working directly with the customer, Matt’s goal is excellent service every time.