Kylie Machado - TGA KidFor many years, TGA has proudly participated in the Texas Environmental Compliance Commitment Partnership Program (C2).  Our technician, David Machado, has a daughter who was instrumential in our success of that program and has helped turn the TGA office around for the betterment of the environment.  Years ago when she learned at school about the importance of recycling, she wasted no time in implementing it here at TGA.  

Kylie Machado, now 12 years old, is one of many great employees' kids that we have watched grow up over the years that we have been in business. Kylie is a top notch student who can not be without a meaningful job, so when her school schedule allows, she takes over our front office and helps out. We are very proud of her because she was the only one who succeeded in enforcing recycling in our shop and office! 


Here is her own report:

Kylie Recycle Program at TGA4 years ago I started the recycling at TGA. At that time I was in 3rd grade, and we were learning how recycling helps save the environment. So when I realized TGA did not recycle, I decided to contribute in a good deed. I made a sign that told TGA employees “PLEASE HELP ME SAVE ANIMALS AND THE WORLD! START RECYCLING!” I gathered some boxes I found that were used for parts and labeled them: cans, bottles, paper, etc. So now TGA recycles more than ever. The amounts of trash in the world are increasing and we need to help make it decrease by starting to recycle to help the animals and environment we live in. If an animal were to consume a piece of garbage, it could cause them to perish or sustain in critical condition. Trash is very unsafe and harmful to the environment. So help save and preserve the environment!

Kylie helping TGA RecycleSTART RECYCLING NOW!!!!!!


Kylie M. J