Texas-German Autohaus, L.P.

Michael at Texas German Autohaus - Houston, TexasJames at Texas German Autohaus - Houston, TexasMichael and Matt are back from Orlando, visiting the 2014 supplier and training expo. Nearly 1400 repair professionals came together to share information about new tools and to attend a great number of seminars offered by the WORLDPAC Training Institute. Each of our employees successfully attended five seminars, not leaving much time to enjoy the beautiful Marriott World Center Hotel.

The WORLDPAC Technical Training Program provides advanced level diagnostic training for independent repair technicians. The complexities of properly diagnosing and repairing late model vehicles requires training, that until now, has not been readily available to the Independent Repair Professional. A big Thank You goes to our friends at WORLDPAC for organizing this event and many other opportunities to learn and advance in our sometimes challenging business. -A true Partnership-